The Lormat Leaseback Program

The average Canadian spends many years building equity in their home expecting that once they retire they will be able to enjoy themselves. Instead, many are finding that once they are retired, although they may have plenty of equity, they have very little cash. Owning your home is no good if you cannot afford to maintain it, let alone pay for any other living expenses. A regular recurring income or cash flow is needed to stay afloat. Generally speaking, in younger years, income is used to build equity and savings for the future. At retirement, an income is needed to maintain one’s lifestyle and standard of living. Retirement can bring about a substantial reduction in income, in which many retirees are finding themselves house rich and cash poor. For some, this may mean little or no enjoyment of their retirement years as they had always dreamed of and planned to do. They simply cannot afford their daily living expenses plus traveling or any of the things they’ve always wanted to do or buy.

What is the Lormat Leaseback Program?

Sell and lease back is a fast growing industry where you sell your home to a Property Investor, but instead of moving on, you stay in your home as a tenant, leasing it back from the investor who purchased it from you.

We offer you 100% of your property’s true market value, while other property investors typically only offer 75%. We purchase your home as is, with no need for costly renovations and/or fixing anything up before selling your home.

The Lormat Leaseback Program 
is specifically designed to help you unlock the value in your greatest assest, your home, so you can enjoy life on your terms as you deserve to.

Why choose the solution we’re offering you?

We offer you 100% of your property’s true market value.

Choose how you want to receive the money – one lump sum advance or some now
and more later, or planned advances over a set period of time.

Use the money any way you wish.

Stay for as long or as little as you like.

No interest or loan re-payments and calculations to deal with as with reverse mortgages.

Enhance your retirement by restructuring your finances.

Safe, constructive way to access funds that would otherwise stay locked in the equity of your home.

If you were to sell your home to buy again, you could reap big profits from your current home but OVERPAY for your next.

Selling now can be a way of removing risk from your financial future.

You will no longer need to worry about home maintenance, property taxes or fire insurance.

The only way to capitalize on what your house is worth today is by selling today.

Selling a house for many hundreds of thousands of dollars and then investing that money safely can make you feel financially secure.

A housing market decline in the future could erode the value of your home, which may be your biggest financial asset. But, if you sell and lease back from us, you will not have to worry about this factor.

The proceeds of the home you sold are completely accessible.

Invest the money you get for selling your home and you can generate income without touching the principal.

Tax free if the property is your principal home.

Sell your home in whatever condition it currently is in.

Maintain your independence.

No real estate fees as like if you were to put your house up for sale.

No moving expenses or land transfer taxes as if you were to move to another location.

Avoid having to move from a place you love and have been in for so long.